Ashley Nilianh Susan

Miss Native American USA 2016-17
White Mountain Apache and Walker River Paiute Tribes
White River, Arizona

PHOTO/Photography by Roshan

Ashley N. Susan

Miss Native American USA 2016-17, Ashley Nailihn Susan, a 27-year-old who is member of the White Mountain Apache and Walker River Paiute Tribes is from White River, Arizona. Susan speaks English, Apache, and Spanish, and is a current student at Glendale Community College planning on graduating in 2017 with an AS degree to obtain a certificate in linguistic for Spanish. She then plans on transferring to Arizona State University to study Psychology and Bioengineering. She is the daughter of Lloyd and Anne Susan, and a sister to Taylor and Justin Susan. Her message is to spread the importance of physical health among the Native American communities.

"The title is a privilege and a responsibility. I want to thank the Miss Native American USA Organization & staff, my mom, dad, sister, and brother for all their support, encouragement and love. This is truly a dream come true. I would like to learn more about the issues and concerns of Native Communities across the nation. Also, how I can help and contribute to the communities even while I continue my education. I will use my voice to encourage our native people that living healthy is a positive lifestyle through good nutrition and exercise, and it can be beneficial and fun for all ages. Exercise and staying active have both short and long term impacts such as feeling great, being balanced in our daily lives physically and mentally with school, work, and family. These are the ingredients for success. This is an exciting time and I hope to represent our Native People across the Nation with honor and dignity. We can do anything we set our minds too. This is doable with handwork, surrounding ourselves in positive environments, and never giving up. I look forward to meeting as many people throughout my reign and visiting as many native communities as possible. Ashoonte!" - Ashley N. Susan, MNAUSA 2016-17