Lexie Michael James

Miss Native American USA 2019-20
Tewa and Hopi
Polacca, Arizona

PHOTO/Tiffani Potter

Lexie James

Meet your Miss Native American USA from the Hopi Nation:

Sangedi Natomoh Nambee Towa!
Na Piphongsi gung na'ka
Na Lexie James gung na'ka
Na Kuu'luu Towa
Na Tewa I'dung O'muh
Navi Ya Jacqueline James gung o'ka
Na Miss Native American USA 2019-2020
Nu Piphongsi yan matsiwa
Nu Lexie James yan pahan matsiwa
Nu Qaӧ wungwa
Tewa ep kiita
I'so Jacqueline James
Nu Miss Native American USA 2019-2020
Greetings everyone!
My name is Piphongsi, my English name is Lexie James.
I am Corn Clan from the village of Tewa. My mother is Jacqueline James.
I am the current reigning Miss Native American USA 2019-2020.
I am an enrolled member of the Hopi Tribe, but I proudly come from the Tewa and Hopi Tribes.
As your goodwill ambassador, I have chosen the platform of mental health awareness and suicide prevention. With these particular issues being something to near and dear to my heart, I hope we can all work together and help heal ourselves, our people and those before and after us.
As your Miss Native American USA, I feel this is the chance of a lifetime and I am truly honored and humbled to be in this position. I hope to represent you all to the best of my ability.
I look forward to what the rest of my year will bring, and pray that our paths will cross on this journey.
Kuna'ah! Askwali! Thank you for all the support and prayers.
I'yamoh, be
Lexie James